Intimate Clothing and Clubwear – Make it Funky

Going out for a night on the town means you are able to let your hair down. Enjoy the night and add some flare to your style. When choosing clubwear, make it funky! Get creative and add some color to your life. The dark corporate world you have been in all week does not have to reflect who you are, let your clubwear do that for you!That short white dress that has been hiding in your closet would look great with a pair of gold high heels and long necklace. You could even pull those tight red leather pants out and throw on a slinky ruffled tank to go back to the disco era. The night is yours and you are out to be noticed, so get noticed.Clubwear is designed to be a bit funky, something you would not normally wear to work, dinner, or visiting your family. You can spice up the night with a few accessories to a dull outfit or make the outfit extreme enough that it does not need accessorizing, it is up to you.Be comfortable and be you, don’t over-do it if it is not your style, you can still be just as funky in that little black dress and heels, just accessorize and have fun.The bright colors look great when the light show is dancing around the room. Your outfit can become a magnet for the bouncing rays of color shooting across the room. The dark clubs can make whites, pinks, and greens stand out like never before and your skin tone will look great in them.Spend hours on the dance floor swirling that short dress or have a seat at the bar and take in the action. You want to dress for comfort as well as style so avoid those overly high heels if you are not used to them and the tighter fitting clothes that will restrict your movement and make you miserable.One myth women have about clothing is the sizing, we feel that if we can squeeze into a size 2 then we are a size 2. The truth is you look much better in the size that actually fits you, so if you are a size 4, wear a size 4. The smaller sizes tend to leave rolls where there were none naturally and create lines where they are not desired. Your clubwear as with all your clothes should fit properly and accentuate the natural curves you have, not create misshapen ones.Heels are great and can make your legs look amazing, but if they are uncomfortable, no one will see your legs under the table as you sit all evening. Wear sandals instead of heel and show off that cute French pedicure you just paid for. The better you feel in what you are wearing the more fun you will have and the more you will be noticed.Confidence in yourself is the real importance to your night out, not just the clubwear. You have to feel good about how you look and comfortable in what you are wearing. Adding a little funk to a normally drab outfit is a great way to break out of your shell and create some well deserved self confidence.